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Arlington Heights – About Our Fertility Center

The first thing you’ll notice about Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights is our dedication. It’s our mission to help make your dream of having a family become a reality. Here’s what you need to know.

Find Out About Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights’ Price Structure

Many infertility clinics charge a lot of money for their services. Our pricing structure reflects our commitment to putting the patient first. As a result, we’re able to provide high-quality services at a lower cost. That’s in part because we work with a broad range of insurers that other centers don’t.

Additionally, we have built relationships with WINFertility and CapexMD fertility financing. These companies can help ease the financial strain that infertility treatments can bring.

Comprehensive Care Model

Another thing to consider about Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights is our commitment to helping you no matter what. Part of this approach is that we don’t ever start with the most expensive care option. Instead, we encourage you to consider the least costly and least invasive programs first. Most importantly, a full medical history and evaluation are parts of every patient’s admissions process.


Next, we conduct a fertility education session in which we answer all your questions. In that session, we also explain in detail the infertility treatment options available to you. Our team understands that any decision that you make about your reproductive health must be an informed decision. At ARC Arlington Heights, we firmly believe that knowledge is power.

Most importantly, once you have all of the information you need, you and your partner will be on the same page.

Fertility Care No Matter Your Gender

What men appreciate about Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights is our focus on their health as well. Rather than solely worrying about the woman, we also focus on the man. For example, a semen analysis is essential as many couples fail to realize that the man could be part of the issue. Considering both sides of the equation allows us to pinpoint the therapy that has the highest chance of a successful outcome.

There are numerous therapies and treatment options available at ARC Arlington Heights. Clomid is a medicine that boosts a woman’s ovulation to release more than one egg. As a starter option, it’s fast and often yields the desired results. Best of all, it’s relatively inexpensive.

That said, we also have other therapies available to you. Examples include:

  • Gonadotropins, which are fertility medicines that a woman injects to increase egg production
  • Surgical treatments, which are excellent opportunities to correct conditions that prevent normal fertilization
  • Endometriosis therapy, which ranges from medication-assisted treatment to laparoscopic surgery
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) as a way of working around blockages that can prevent conception
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) that creates embryos outside the body and allows for implanting after a few days

Another reason why so many patients ask questions about Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights is our LGBTQ fertility care. We work with transgender individuals and cisgender individuals, as well as with same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. Our team understands that families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. That’s why our care model is entirely inclusive.

Find Out More About Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights

You don’t have to continue wishing that you could add a child to your family. Our team wants to help you experience the reality of this desire. Because we focus on both partners, we have a high success rate in our clinic. Our fertility treatment approach works well. Most importantly, we also add a human touch to everything we do. Find out more about Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights by calling 844.395.2735 today.