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Arlington Heights – Affordable Fertility Treatment

Advanced Reproductive Center is your go-to location for affordable fertility treatment in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Other facilities often avoid patients’ questions about the costs. In contrast, we’re upfront about the costs. Therefore, at Advanced Reproductive Center, there are no surprises or hidden fees.

Understanding the Thought Process behind Affordable Fertility Treatment

Advanced Reproductive Center specialists believe that everyone should have a chance to experience parenthood. That’s why we offer a broad range of fertility treatment options Arlington Heights, IL can trust. Examples include:

  • Gonadotropins, which are fertility drugs that you inject
  • Surgical treatments of conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis
  • Intrauterine insemination as a tool for overcoming a possible blockage of the cervix
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) that allows for the implantation of embryos
  • Donor egg and donor sperm treatments that enable parenthood through the help of these individuals

Because each individual is different, the treatment you need might vary from someone else’s needs. However, this also means that your cost will be different. Therefore, the affordable fertility treatment Arlington Heights, Illinois focuses on must include transparency. You know ahead of time how much it costs to participate in the various care options.

Paying for Your Affordable Fertility Treatment

Advanced Reproductive Center works with most insurance companies. Doing so is advantageous because it enables you to leverage the paying power of your individual policy. When you need to figure out what your plan pays for, discuss your questions with our team. We can help you verify coverage.

Another way that we help clients pay for their treatments is through preferential pricing. A case in point is our IVF plan with a guarantee. You can choose to sign up for a multi-cycle in vitro fertilization plan and receive a money-back guarantee. It’s a popular package because it creates an affordable fertility treatment.

Another payment vehicle is our partnership agreement with WINFertility and CapexMD fertility financing. These lenders work with our clients who need loans or access to up-front cash to begin the process. It empowers you to make medical decisions that are best for you at this time. Most importantly, it could be the beginning of a family.

So, What Does Infertility Treatment Cost?

The cost of affordable fertility treatment Arlington Heights, Illinois clients pay depends on their choices. For example, you might opt to work with an egg donor. Doing so incurs a cost of about $12,700. This approach enables our team to work with you and the donor.

We retrieve the eggs directly from the donor. Specialists work with you to ready you for the transfer. After that, our clinic creates embryos and implants them.

IVF prices vary depending on the plan that you select. For example, the clinic currently charges $7,000 for a single-cycle event, which is an affordable fertility treatment. It’s an excellent option for someone just starting treatment. If you want to go with a multi-cycle plan, the cost increases to $18,000.

For a plan with a money-back guarantee, costs range from $19,500 to $28,000. There are several variables in this selection. Therefore, it makes sense to talk about your options with an expert. Doing so ensures that you understand your choices ahead of making a decision.

Are You Ready to Start a Family?

Talking dollars and cents doesn’t seem like a great way of starting a family. However, it provides you with the transparency you need to make informed decisions. Besides that, Advanced Reproductive Center operators don’t just offer affordable fertility treatment, they also provide access to financing. Don’t wait any longer to start your family. It’s time to call Advanced Reproductive at 844.395.2735 to discuss your situation with a specialist and schedule an appointment.