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Arlington Heights – Artificial Insemination Process

For many clients, the artificial insemination process is a common starting point for infertility treatment. Artificial insemination is inexpensive and can be quite effective. However, there are different ways of doing it. Find out why Advanced Reproductive Center specialists have developed a different take on the practice.

How a Standard Artificial Insemination Process Works

Your partner provides our specialists with a sperm sample. In the traditional artificial insemination process, technicians then place the sperm into your vagina. This process mimics what happens during intercourse. It can be a good option when your partner needs the male infertility treatment Arlington Heights, IL can count on.

Advanced Reproductive Center Specialists Offer Intrauterine Insemination

Our team has come to realize that our approach to artificial insemination is far more effective. Specialists process your partner’s sample by isolating the most mobile sperm in the batch. Next, we place the most motile sperm cells into a catheter.

We then prepare you for intrauterine insemination (IUI). IUI is a highly effective way of introducing the sperm directly into the uterus. By bypassing the cervix, it’s possible also to avoid any blockage that might have kept sperm from entering naturally.

In cases of unexplained infertility, this process of artificial insemination can be an excellent first step. It may very well yield the results you’re looking for.

Of course, it’s possible to better your odds of conceiving through this artificial insemination process that Arlington Heights, IL residents trusts. For example, many women decide to boost their fertility through the use of fertility drugs. These medications increase the number of eggs that you typically produce. It enables the presence of highly motile sperm and more than one egg to create the ideal environment for conception.

What Happens if IUI Doesn’t Work?

If IUI doesn’t work, there’s still hope. Just because your first attempt at artificial insemination didn’t work doesn’t mean that it’s not the right method for you. Almost all couples opt to try again after a couple of regular cycles. However, you have other options, too.

If another artificial insemination process also doesn’t work, Advanced Reproductive Center specialists might suggest a different approach. Examples of alternative approaches include:

  • Surgical treatments for possible blockages that prevent pregnancy from occurring even in an otherwise ideal environment
  • In vitro fertilization that could overcome male or female infertility issues through the implanting of embryos
  • Sperm donation that helps overcome insufficient or non-motile sperm when your partner struggles with male infertility
  • Egg donations as a tool for dealing with female infertility when you don’t produce good-quality eggs
  • Gestational surrogacy that allows you to have someone else carry the pregnancy for you

There are Many Ways to Become a Parent

The artificial insemination process Arlington Heights, IL locals trust is only one answer. You don’t have to worry about not being able to have a family when it doesn’t work. Of course, you may find that our IUI process is what you needed to start a family. You may have success right away, which is what we intend.

Before you decide on an approach to take, we recommend that you discuss your options with a specialist. This expert will answer all of your questions. Moreover, they can explain to you in detail how the process works. As a result, you become an informed consumer, and there’s none of the uncertainty you may be feeling right now.

Because stress has negative effects on fertility, Advanced Reproductive Center is big on full transparency. We don’t want to make your road to parenthood a stressful one. Instead, we work hard to make it calm, serene, and stress-free. Find out more about our artificial insemination process today by contacting Advanced Reproductive Center at 844.395.2735.