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Arlington Heights – Egg Donation Process

Could fertilization through our egg donation process at Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights be right for you? For you, the mother-to-be, there’s the potential of carrying a child to term. For the donor, there’s the knowledge that she has helped another woman experience pregnancy. Here’s how it works.

The Egg Donation Process Begins with a Thorough Screening and Subsequent Matching Process

The FDA has issued strict egg donor program rules that Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights follows to the letter. All potential donors undergo an application and screening process. As a general rule of thumb, donors will be between the ages of 21 and 35 years. They shouldn’t have any genetic conditions or illnesses.

After the screening process, our clinic matches the donor with a couple who desires to go through the egg donation process.

Benefitting From Egg Donation

Doctor walking client through the egg donation processThe egg donation process in Arlington Heights, IL, helps loving couples, like yourselves, achieve their desire of having a child. Specialists at the Advanced Reproductive Center in Arlington Heights take donors through the process, which is safe and uncomplicated.

After submitting their application and undergoing a thorough screening, accepted donors must give themselves daily injections. These injections suppress their menstrual cycle so that it matches up with your period. Once you and your donor sync up, we change the medication they inject to one that stimulates the ovaries’ egg production. This is important because it enables more than one egg to mature, maximizing the chances of fertilization and conception.

Our fertility treatment team periodically monitors the donor’s progress to protect her health. We schedule appointments when it’s convenient. Once the eggs reach the optimal development, the injection changes once again to encourage ovulation. The actual egg donation process then moves forward.

Our team safely extracts the eggs from the donor’s body. This process is simple and most women can even go back to work the next day. We might prescribe an antibiotic as a precaution to prevent infection. Optional pain medication helps with the slight cramping that is sometimes experienced after the procedure.

After this point, the donor has no further obligations. Most importantly, we protect both parties’ privacy from start to finish.

From the Recipient’s Point of View

While the donor you have selected is donating eggs in Arlington Heights, IL, you will be taking estrogen and progesterone. This creates the ideal endometrial environment for implanting fertilized eggs. If you have a problem developing a healthy lining, there are treatments to assist you.

After completing the egg donation process in Arlington Heights, IL, we fertilize the donor eggs with your partner’s sperm. This step results in the creation of embryos. We grade them and implant those that are the healthiest into your uterus. If all goes well, you will have a positive pregnancy test a couple of weeks later.

Fertility Services Offered at Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights

Our egg donor program is only one of many fertility treatments offered at ARC Arlington Heights. If it is not the right treatment for you, or if it is unsuccessful, then we have multiple other avenues we can use. We customize our approach with your unique needs in mind. Other options include:

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI), which places sperm into the uterine opening
  • Treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Gestational surrogacy, which allows another woman to carry your baby to term
  • Donor sperm usage when your partner’s sperm is not viable
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) with your eggs and your partner’s sperm

Do you still have questions regarding the egg donation process? Connect with Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights by calling 844.395.2735 today.