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Top Benefits of Freezing Eggs

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The initial decision to preserve your eggs may be easy, but it can be challenging to decide when the right time is, how to choose the right fertility clinic, and learning just how the treatment works. At Advanced Reproductive Center Arlington Heights, we want to help empower women on their fertility journey. Reading about the benefits of freezing eggs will hopefully empower you to make the right decision.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is more than just a one-time decision; when you freeze your eggs, you are investing in your future family. Frozen eggs can be used not only for a single pregnancy but for a series of pregnancies if you wish.

Whether you are planning to start a family in a few years or are still deciding if you ever want to have children, egg freezing can give you the freedom you need in the present to grow and experience life to the fullest without worrying about the future.

Below are just a few of the benefits of freezing your eggs, which is one of the many types of fertility treatments we offer at ARC.

Health Benefits of Freezing Eggs

There are a variety of health conditions that may negatively impact a woman’s fertility. You could also be undergoing cancer treatment and worry about the effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery on your reproductive organs.

Some women require a hysterectomy for medical reasons, so freezing their eggs allows them to have a biological child through surrogacy still even after they are no longer able to produce eggs or become pregnant.

Egg freezing eliminates the fear of never being able to have a child due to health reasons and allows you to focus all your energy on getting treatment and caring for your well-being.

Our egg freezing Arlington Heights services use the most innovative technology that allows you to preserve healthy eggs indefinitely.

Benefits of Preserving Eggs in Your 20s

As women get older, the quality of their eggs lowers, which means there are higher risks of congenital disabilities in their newborns. By freezing your eggs in your 20s or early 30s, you can drastically reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, miscarriage, and health problems in your future child. It will also increase your chances of conception through in vitro fertilization even when you’ve surpassed prime childbearing age.

Young women can also eliminate the pressure to start a family while they’re younger. This process gives them plenty of time to focus on pursuing their dreams, establishing a career, and finding a long-term partner with whom they would like to raise a family.

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Many couples are unsure whether they want to have children, but they feel pressured to conceive because of biological constraints. Once a woman reaches her mid-30s and 40s, the risk of developmental disorders and chromosomal abnormalities increase. Rather than rushing into parenthood, many couples decide to freeze the eggs of one or both women in the relationship now so they can become parents if and when they are truly ready. You may even opt to freeze fertilized embryos to avoid similar risks in men.

Being able to develop their relationship without the pressure of raising a family they are unprepared for enables individuals to only commit to child-rearing when they are truly ready for the commitment of parenthood.

Couples who struggle to conceive may also want to consider egg freezing as they learn more about the causes of infertility and explore their treatment options.

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