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How Much Does IVF Cost?

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When couples struggle to start families, many of them choose to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). This process involves fertilizing eggs with sperm in a lab. However, the IVF cost is a major point of concern, and many couples don’t think that they can afford it. Advanced Reproductive Center offers different IVF plans to make the procedure more affordable.

The Details of IVF Cost?

When couples ask how much does IVF cost, we want to make our prices transparent. We offer five types of IVF plans so that they can choose what’s best for their needs and budgets.

Single Cycle IVF Plan

The single cycle IVF plan includes one IVF cycle, which starts at $7,000. When couples purchase the plan through our partner, WINFertility, the package includes medical services and fertility medication. Some of the medical services are ovarian stimulation, mock transfer, egg retrieval, embryo transfer and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). This package also includes anesthesia fees.

This plan, however, doesn’t include infertility testing and infectious disease, prenatal and other screenings. It also doesn’t include the cost of embryo cryopreservation and post-embryo transfer treatments or tests.

Multiple Cycle IVF Plan

Couples that think they might need multiple IVF cycles to get pregnant can save money when they choose this plan. The IVF cost for these two fresh and two frozen cycles starts at $18,000. This price is a major discount compared to paying for these four cycles separately. In fact, it’s even more cost-effective than paying for two single cycles.

Along with the IVF cycles, this plan includes one year of embryo cryopreservation storage, ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and embryo transfer. It also includes mock transfer if necessary and anesthesia fees. However, there’s an additional $2,000 charge for cycle monitoring and another $2,000 charge for ICSI (total cost, not per cycle). Infertility testing, embryo storage, post-transfer testing, and other screenings cost extra, too.

IVF Plan With Money Back Guarantee

In our most practical plan, our money-back guarantee has an IVF cost of $19,500 to $28,000. The price depends on women’s ages. Also, they must have normal uterus and ovarian reserve test results. They need to meet other criteria as well, so it’s important to speak to our specialists.

With the money-back guarantee, couples get two fresh IVF cycles, associated frozen embryo cycles and one year of cryopreservation storage. We also include and exclude the same medical services as for our multiple cycle plan. If couples don’t get pregnant with two cycles, though, they get a third cycle for free or a 50% refund.

Donor Egg Cycle

When couples use donor eggs, the IVF cost is a little different. For one cycle with a donor egg, our price is $12,700. It includes donor ovarian stimulation, embryo creation, parental uterine stimulation and embryo transfer. In addition, it includes mock transfer, anesthesia fees, egg retrieval and assisted hatching.

However, the plan doesn’t include donor fees, legal fees, ICSI or embryo cryopreservation. It also doesn’t include pre- and post-transfer screenings.

Cryopreserved Embryo Cycle

Our cheapest option for how much does IVF cost is a frozen embryo cycle for $4,000. It involves thawing previously frozen embryos and transferring them to the intended parent. It also includes uterine stimulation monitoring and mock transfer. However, it doesn’t include pre- or post-transfer testing or treatment.

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