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How to Increase Fertility

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If one of your greatest dreams is to become a parent, trying to start a family and not succeeding can be extremely disheartening. Even after reading all of the books and trying all of the old wife’s tales, not being successful in starting a family can be frustrating for hopeful parents. If you’re still trying, it’s time to talk with your doctor on how to increase fertility and increase your odds of success. You can also ask about the causes of infertility and your treatment options.

Talk with Your Partner

A common misconception regarding fertility is to instantly look at the female. However, sometimes you need to look at the male when you’re considering how to increase fertility. To begin, the sperm will enter the uterus and travel to the fallopian tubes, where it meets the egg. When things aren’t functioning properly, this process becomes difficult.

Some men might experience male infertility. In some cases, the sperm is unable to move up properly and make it up to the fallopian tubes. Your partner could also be experiencing a low sperm count or an unknown blockage. To begin learning how to increase fertility, consider a semen analysis first. This non-invasive step allows specialists to see if the problem lies with your partner. From there, you can determine if further steps are necessary to help the female with fertility.

Turning to Specialists on How to Increase Fertility

If we find low-grade male infertility, the sperm can still be used. We do recommend using a sample in the lab and concentrating better sperm with high motility. After this, specialists will perform intrauterine insemination (IUI) to bypass the cervix and go straight to the uterus.

By taking fertility drugs before going forward with this treatment, you can also increase your chances at conception. This is because these drugs can help increase the number of eggs you produce, thus increasing your chances of a successful conception.

How to Increase Fertility Through Your Lifestyle

Sometimes you can learn how to increase fertility naturally. An antioxidant-rich diet can sometimes aid in increasing fertility. Consuming more vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts can help as well. Decreasing your intake of high-processed foods is also a helpful step when trying to increase your fertility. Choose fresh foods over frozen or canned items and go for raw foods instead of salted or sweetened items. Increasing the amount of time you spend exercising can also help your chances with fertility. Exercise can also help decrease your stress levels, which helps increase fertility. Unfortunately, high stress and anxiety levels can decrease your fertility and reduce your chances of becoming pregnant.

Learning About Problems with Fertility

At Advanced Reproductive Center Peoria, we strive to educate our patients on the problems they might face with fertility. Through our range of fertility treatment options, we can give patients the chance of having a family of their own. Our services include:

  • Education on conception, how to increase your chances of conception, and how it could be prevented
  • Semen analysis that gives you a look into any issues your partner might face with fertility
  • Health exam and assessment to detect cervix blockages or other areas of issues with female fertility

If you and your partner need to learn more about how to increase fertility, turn to the experts of Advanced Reproductive Center Peoria. Our team of experts is here to answer all questions and guide patients in the decision-making process regarding treatment. Contact Advanced Reproductive Center Peoria today at [Direct].