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Importance of Sperm Donation

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Donating sperm is a procedure in which men donate ejaculated semen to a couple, individual or sperm bank. Fertility clinics can inject the sperm into women’s reproductive organs or use the sperm to fertilize eggs in a lab. The importance of sperm donation in Illinois is paramount. There are several different donation types.

Types of Sperm Donations


The first type of sperm donation is anonymous. In such cases, men don’t intend to have relationships with the individuals or couples who use their sperm. Instead, the individuals or couples see descriptions of their physical features, education, careers, and medical histories. This type of sperm donation is advantageous for those who wish to remain anonymous. 


The second type of sperm donation is direct. In these cases, men have an existing relationship with individuals or couples who want to become parents. Usually, direct donors are family members or close friends who offer or agree to donate. Before the donation, it’s essential to discuss the future relationships that they’ll have with the parents and children.

The Things to Consider About the Importance of Sperm Donation in Illinois

As part of learning about the importance of sperm donation in Illinois, men should consider the impact of this decision. Anonymous donors should think about if they’re prepared to be fathers of children they may never meet. What if those children want to meet them in the future?

In addition, direct donors may consider drafting legal contracts to define their parental and financial obligations and rights. Doing so gives them protection in the event of legal issues later in the children’s lives.

The Screening Process

In general, sperm donors should be between the ages of 18 and 39. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that they undergo infectious disease screenings, such as for HIV. Those who test positive will receive referrals for treatment.

They must also undergo risk screenings, such as genetic testing and psychological evaluations. During the mental exams, specialists ask anonymous donors if they worry about their biological children learning about them. They ask direct donors to talk about their relationships with the recipients. It might be helpful for the donors’ partners to get counseling as well.

Furthermore, the screening process for a sperm donation in Chicago involves personal, sexual, and family medical histories. The personal history includes detailed information about their education, hobbies, habits, and other interests. For the sexual history, they need to include details about their sexual activity. The family history considers the presence of hereditary diseases, which could disqualify men from donating sperm.

Men who pass the screenings will sign a consent form. This consent form merely states that they don’t have risk factors for genetic and sexually transmitted conditions.

Making the Donation

The next step in how to become a sperm donor in Illinois is to donate. To prepare for the procedure, men must abstain from ejaculation for at least two or three days. Doing so allows their bodies to replenish their semen and sperm, which creates healthy samples.

When they donate, they’ll visit a sperm bank. A nurse will give them a sterile cup to put their samples in. Then, they’ll enter a private room to make the deposit.

Advanced Reproductive Center Can Help You Donate Sperm

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