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When Should I Consider Fertility Treatment?

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When should I consider fertility treatment? If this question is running through your mind, then know that the factors vary. Getting pregnant is not easy for everyone. Some people require more time, while others need to get the timing down. We know it’s frustrating when you are unable to become pregnant right away. Here are a few suggestions for when it’s time to consider fertility treatment in Rockford IL.

When Should I Consider Fertility Treatment? When You’ve Been Trying for the Recommended Time

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine suggests that, if a couple has not become pregnant after having unprotected sex for one year, then they should seek out professional help. The most common reason that women experience infertility is ovulation issues. For instance, some women don’t ovulate while others do so irregularly. In men, the most common reason for infertility is a problem with the testes that affects how the sperm functions.

Other infertility issues that women experience range from hormonal problems to trouble with the reproductive organs. Scarred or blocked fallopian tubes may be the cause of infertility or a past sexually transmitted infection. For men, additional infertility issues may include blockages that prevent the sperm from reaching the testes or problems with testosterone.

Once you reach out to a fertility specialist, be ready for testing. You will likely need laboratory and imaging tests. Other procedures review the reproductive organs to see how well they’re working. Laboratory tests will assess blood or semen samples to see if there is anything present that may be preventing you from conceiving. The Advanced Reproductive Center is a fertility treatment center in Rockford that offers a variety of treatment options. Your options range from IVF to ovulation drugs and even donor eggs. We know how hard it is to want a baby and not be able to conceive one. We have experts on staff who can help you decide the best steps to take to treat infertility.

When Should I Consider Treatments? When You’ve Tried Tracking Your Ovulation Schedule

Depending on your age, most fertility specialists will advise you to attempt to conceive by tracking your ovulation schedule. There are several ways to do this. The first and most affordable option is to monitor your basal body temperature. When a woman ovulates, her body temperature increases and stays elevated until her menstrual cycle is complete. To track it, plan to take your temperature using a mouth thermometer each morning before you get out of bed for the day. Record your temperature for several menstrual cycles to determine when you ovulate. You can also check your cervical mucus. Just before ovulating, the mucus becomes slippery, thin, and stretchier. These methods can help women determine when they are at their most fertile.

Women can also buy urine tests to determine fertility. This type of analysis works by detecting a higher level of the luteinizing hormone in the urine. When the hormone level increases, it means that a woman’s body is ready to release an egg. If the urine test comes back positive, then ovulation will likely occur within the next 24 to 48 hours, letting you know the best time to have sex to attempt to conceive. At the Advanced Reproductive Center, we know that fertility treatments are expensive. To help with the cost of fertility treatment in Rockford, IL, we offer financing options.

Get Treatment at Advanced Reproductive Center in Rockford

If you’ve tried ovulation tracking using urine and your temperature and your partner has attempted vitamins that increase male testosterone without achieving your goal of becoming pregnant, then it’s time to consider visiting our fertility treatment center. We are a full-service fertility treatment facility, one that offers egg freezing and donor sperm along with surgical treatments and medications formulated to increase fertility. We also offer LGBTQ fertility solutions and gestational surrogacy. Call Advanced Reproductive Center at 844.395.2807, and we’ll do everything we can to help you start your family.