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Donor Egg Process

We work to make the donor egg process as simple and straightforward as possible. Through Advanced Reproductive Center’s egg donor program, women can conceive without having to rely on their own eggs. This program has helped many women successfully conceive a child who could never have children with their own eggs.

How the Donor Egg Process Works

Through the easy donor egg process in Chicago, donors can help other women fulfill their dreams of having a child. The process begins when a woman is unable to have a baby using her own eggs. This may be because the eggs are of low quality, or there might not be enough eggs.

For the egg donor, the donor egg process starts through an in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. Unlike typical IVF procedures, the donor will only do the first half of the program. The actual implantation occurs with the recipient and not the donor.

Initially, fertility medication helps the donor’s eggs grow and mature. When the donor’s eggs are ready, the doctor removes them.

Before the egg is ready for implantation, the doctor must fertilize it with the male partner’s sperm. This creates an embryo.

The doctor then will transfer the embryo to the intended mother’s uterus or to the uterus of a gestational carrier. If everything goes according to plan, the intended mother or gestational carrier will have a successful pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.

What To Expect

Egg donation is a wonderful treatment option for many patients. In women with low egg numbers or low egg quality, egg donation has by far the highest chance of success. When introduced to the process, many patients are unsure of the egg donor’s role. Her role is very limited: to supply the eggs. Once the egg donor’s eggs are retrieved, her involvement ends.

From there, the team at Advanced Reproductive Center continues the process with the recipient. We guide the recipient every step of the way and answer all questions she may have regarding the process.

Take the Next Step

Advanced Reproductive Center is here to help you use donor eggs to start your family. Over the years, we have helped numerous women conceive children. Initially, we obtain a complete medical history and run diagnostic tests to figure out the cause of the woman’s infertility issues. Once we know what the cause is, we are able to help with different medications and treatments.

At Advanced Reproductive Center, you can find treatment options such as:

No one has to give up on their dream of having a family. Through the support of the compassionate staff members at Advanced Reproductive Center, you can discover the cause of your infertility and find a way to treat it. Learn more about our programs by calling us now at 312.485.4847.