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Hypothyroid Treatment

With hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland doesn’t produce the right levels of specific hormones. Also called an underactive thyroid, the condition doesn’t always produce noticeable symptoms during the early stages. After some time, many health issues can develop, including infertility. However, hypothyroidism treatment is available.

Hypothyroidism Treatment Options

When people feel increasingly tired, gain weight, or develop dry skin, doctors may test them for an underactive thyroid. If the blood tests have a positive result, they need to visit a hypothyroidism treatment center Chicago residents trust. This type of facility can give them the care that they need.


The standard treatment involves restoring adequate hormone levels to reverse the symptoms of the disorder. In general, a hypothyroidism treatment center Chicago offers will prescribe oral medications that contain levothyroxine. This medication is a synthetic form of the thyroid hormone thyroxine. It’s available under brands such as Synthroid and Levo-T.

Soon after starting treatment, people usually begin to feel better. They may lose any weight that they gained. If their cholesterol rose because of the disorder, it will begin to return to normal.

However, the dose for this hypothyroidism treatment takes some time to determine. It can also change throughout people’s lives. Doctors perform periodic blood tests to ensure that hormone levels remain stable. When the levels are too high, people can develop heart palpitations, increased appetite, insomnia, and shakiness.

Also, doctors will perform other blood tests to ensure that people’s bodies efficiently absorb the medication. The reason is that high amounts of soy and fiber can affect drug absorption. Foods and supplements that are high in aluminum, calcium, and iron can affect the absorption too.


In general, doctors recommend taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism treatment. However, some natural extracts from the thyroid glands of pigs contain thyroid hormones. Along with thyroxine, these extracts also contain triiodothyronine.

Since the body derives the triiodothyronine that it needs from thyroxine, alternative extracts could raise blood levels too high. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate the extracts, so there’s no guarantee of their purity or potency.

The Link Between the Thyroid and Pregnancy

There’s a connection between hypothyroidism and infertility. Basically, the thyroid glands don’t produce enough of the hormones that are crucial for female reproduction. In fact, the low levels of thyroid hormones can disrupt ovulation, which is the release of eggs. Because of that, there’s no egg in the uterus for sperm to fertilize.

Furthermore, the underlying causes of an underactive thyroid can impair infertility. Pituitary and autoimmune disorders are a couple of examples. With these connections between hypothyroidism and infertility, treating an underactive thyroid is an essential phase of getting pregnant.

Without treatment, an underactive thyroid and pregnancy don’t mix. Women must correct the low levels of hormones to improve their chances of getting pregnant. In some cases, they need other infertility treatments as well.

Visit Advanced Reproductive Center for Treatment

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