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LGBTQ+ Fertility Options

Understanding LGBTQ+ Fertility Options

Advanced Reproductive Center recognizes equality in parenting by providing open access to all affordable fertility treatments available. To that end, ARC is proud to provide lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals the support they need to achieve their dream of parenthood. We partner with an extensive network of sperm banks, donor egg, and surrogacy agencies. This ensures we can offer a full spectrum of fertility treatments to help you reach your goal.

Treatment Options For Lesbians

Lesbians have the option to conceive with the simple treatment of intrauterine insemination (IUI). Before treatment, a workup should be performed to evaluate the chances of conception. To maximize the odds of conceiving, we need to create a customized optimal treatment plan for each patient. In older women, hormonal treatments may be prescribed in conjunction with insemination, or it may be that in vitro fertilization will be the best option for conception.

With lesbian couples, one partner may choose to provide the eggs, and the other partner will carry the pregnancy. To accomplish this, IVF is necessary, as the partner providing the eggs will be stimulated with hormones and have her eggs harvested, fertilized, and then transferred into the other partner’s uterus to carry the pregnancy.  This is often called reciprocal IVF.

However, if one partner is providing the eggs and is also carrying the pregnancy, in vitro fertilization is not necessary. Instead, insemination can be performed in conjunction with hormonal treatment, depending on the woman’s chances of conception.

Treatment Options For Gay Men

Same-sex couples visit Advanced Reproductive Center to explore basic fertility services and the latest family-building options that allow them to share a biological connection with their baby.

Egg donation is one gay fertility option

When a man or couple asks about gay fertility options at Advanced Reproductive Center, our reproductive endocrinologists have the option of egg donation. The beauty of the egg donation process is that it allows gay parents to share a biological connection with their baby, and it is highly effective when using young egg donors. The first step involves finding an egg donor. Some men prefer to ask a friend or a family member to act as their donor, while others may opt to use an anonymous egg donor.

Surrogacy is another gay fertility option that is related to egg donation

When same-sex couples select egg donation as their family-building solution, the fertility specialists at ARC could also discuss gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, a woman (other than the egg donor) serves as surrogate and carries the pregnancy. The father’s sperm fertilizes donor eggs during IVF, and embryos are transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

Gay men have two choices for selecting a surrogate. They can ask friends or family members, or they can use a surrogacy agency.

No matter which option you select, be sure to retain a surrogacy lawyer who understands your state’s laws on reproductive rights. An attorney in this field can draft the appropriate egg donor/surrogacy contracts to avoid any confusion as to each person’s responsibilities. If you’d like more information about gay fertility options, please schedule an appointment with Advanced Reproductive Center.

Egg Donation Program

Our Chicago/Peoria area infertility clinics are the home of one of the most successful donor egg programs in the United States. We will help you find and select an egg donor that meets your exact needs.

Transgender Options

Regardless of your gender identification, starting a family is something every person should have the option to experience. ARC is committed to working with your transgender health care team. We want to optimize your treatment experience or assist in fertility preservation before beginning hormone therapy. Each patient is different. Each treatment option will be customized to your individual journey so that you can achieve your dream of parenthood.


The Advanced Reproductive Center partners with trusted surrogacy agencies. We will help you select a surrogate that is perfect for you to start your family.

Three Convenient Locations for LGBTQ Fertility Options

For those interested in LGBTQ fertility options in Illinois, we offer three convenient locations, including:

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