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Fertility Treatments for Same Sex Female Couples

Discover effective, leading-edge fertility treatments for same sex female couples

At our Illinois fertility center, we offer fertility treatments for same sex female couples that support family building. These treatments involve the use of donor sperm insemination, and in some cases, reciprocal IVF where the fertilization of eggs occurs in the IVF lab. To determine which treatments are best for each couple, our fertility specialists use bloodwork, ultrasound and sometimes, more extensive testing.

The fertility treatments for same sex female couples that help build families

After reviewing the results from each couple’s fertility evaluations, the next step of family building for lesbian couples is creating a treatment plan. The health of each patient’s ovarian reserve and uterus indicates which treatment is best for their unique needs.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm. When at least one of the female partners has a healthy ovarian reserve and uterus, an IUI could be an affordable, safe and effective path to motherhood. This treatment involves monitoring the patients cycle for ovulation, and then transferring donor sperm into the patient’s uterus when she is likely ovulating. In some situations, the patient takes fertility medications in conjunction with this treatment.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm. If both female patients have certain fertility issues, family building for lesbian couples might include IVF with donor sperm. This could also be an ideal choice if the couple wants to do reciprocal IVF, in which one woman provides the eggs and the other carries the pregnancy.

Our Illinois fertility center strives to make family building for lesbian couples a simple, joyful process.

What to expect when selecting the ideal sperm donor

After exploring fertility treatments for same sex female couples, the patients will start the process of finding a sperm donor, if one has not already been identified. Our clinic connects patients with reputable sperm banks that provide a database of carefully vetted donors.

Reviewing donor profiles. Couples can review the profiles of various donors, which include photos of the donor and information about his personal and family health background, education, interests and more.

Sperm donor screening. To help couples select a high-quality sperm donor, our fertility specialist reviews the prospective donor’s family, medical and sexual health history, in addition to results from genetic testing and a physical exam that includes a blood and urine test. Many sperm banks also run a comprehensive criminal background check on prospective donors.

Semen analysis. Another important aspect of family building for lesbian couples done by the sperm bank is testing the donor’s sperm. Semen analysis confirms the donor has healthy sperm with a high chance of fertilizing eggs.

Our Illinois fertility center is here to guide each couple through every aspect of this exciting process, helping to ensure they find a sperm donor who is right for them.
With our support, fertility treatments for same sex female couples create a safe path to parenthood for all women.

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