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Fertility Education

We know how intimidating it can be to go to a clinic for the first time. After trying to conceive for so long, you may feel nervous and anxious as you wait to hear about the cause of your infertility. To make the process easier and less stressful, we offer our patients fertility education. We want you to understand all of the diagnostic tests and procedures we use in the process.

Beginning a Dialogue About Common Infertility Problems

The first step in the process is to talk to you to find out more about your problems, expectations, and goals. We take an in-depth medical history that will guide us as we decide on the next steps. More importantly, we offer actionable, factual information about infertility. Our fertility education helps to clarify any misinformation or myths you may have heard from other people.

Why Fertility Education Is Important

Get the best fertility education with Advanced Reproductive Center’s expertise. Here, you can learn about the risks and benefits of each procedure. This is important because accurate information is extremely difficult to find. Unless you are talking to experienced fertility treatment staff, you are probably not getting the best quality information.

Unfortunately, many couples turn to the Internet when they start struggling with conception. In addition, many people also turn to their friends or family members to talk about their struggles. While some of these people may have a basic understanding of infertility issues, there are a lot of myths you may hear along the way.

Bad information is pervasive online. You may hear myths that eating a certain food or having intercourse in a certain position will help you conceive. Listening to misconceptions and myths can actually make it harder for you to get pregnant.

For you to become pregnant, you have to have intercourse before or during ovulation. The egg has to be present for the sperm to fertilize it. Charting your menstrual cycle and choosing the optimal time for intercourse is important if you want to conceive.

Our fertility education helps you learn about the best tips for conceiving, but we offer more than just conception tips. Through our medical staff, you can get exams and diagnostic tests to pinpoint the cause of your infertility. Once we determine the cause, we can figure out the best solution for you. In the case of certain hormonal imbalances, the solution might be as simple as taking medication to correct the imbalance.

Get the Best Fertility Education

Throughout the process, we want to help our patients understand as much as possible about each test and procedure. Our fertility education options are available to help you learn about what it takes to conceive and common problems you may have. We also have medications, injections, and surgical techniques that can treat your infertility issues. From taking your medical history to conducting a physical exam, we will do everything possible to determine your diagnosis.

Once you receive help and fertility education support, the next step is to figure out which services are right for you. At Advanced Reproductive Center, we offer our patients a range of services, including:

Our goal is to help each couple fulfill their dream of starting a family through the best fertility education support available. Through the support of the compassionate, knowledgeable team at Advanced Reproductive Center, you can discover the best treatment options for your infertility. Learn more about our services by calling us today at 312.485.4847.