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Peoria – Fertility Treatment Options

If you are struggling to conceive, the right fertility treatment options can help. Through fertility treatments at Advanced Reproductive Center, you can achieve your dreams of having a family. After initially running diagnostic tests, we can figure out the underlying cause of your infertility. With this information, we can tailor a solution that matches your needs.

Fertility Medication Is an Option

Often, we will begin by trying fertility treatment options that are less intensive. Hopefully, we will be able to help you conceive without surgeries with in vitro fertilization (IVF) or similar options. At the best fertility clinic near Normal, IL, you can get medications like Clomid and gonadotropins to boost your fertility.

Clomid and gonadotropins perform the same essential function. The main difference is that Clomid is a gentler medication. Clomid also tends to provide weaker results because it has a milder effect on the body.

The goal of Clomid and gonadotropins is to increase the number of eggs your body releases. These hormones stimulate your follicles to release more eggs during ovulation. By releasing more eggs, your body achieves multiple chances of conceiving during each cycle.

IVF, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), and More

Sometimes, fertility medications are not enough to conceive. In these cases, the best fertility treatment options near Normal, IL, include IVF or IUI. IUI is when the doctor places the man’s sperm directly into the uterus. This can be an effective treatment for specific medical conditions, such as having a blocked cervix.

IVF treatment is one of the most popular fertility treatment options. With this option, the doctor uses fertility medication to stimulate the woman’s body to release eggs. The doctor harvests the eggs, as well as semen from the man. Then, the doctor combines the eggs and the sperm.

After waiting a few days, the doctor inserts the embryo into the woman’s uterus. If everything works, the embryo will implant itself into the uterine wall. Later, the woman can return to the best fertility treatment center in Illinois for more IVF treatments if the initial treatment does not work. If there are extra eggs and/or embryos from her initial IVF treatment, she can use them for future pregnancies as well.

There are many fertility treatment options available, but the right choice depends on the cause of the couple’s infertility. Male factor and female factor infertility have different treatment options. Whether the couple needs to find a gestational surrogate or an egg donor, there are various options available at the right reproductive center.

Discovering Better Fertility Treatment Options

From our top IVF services to our customized plans, we are the fertility treatment center Illinois residents need. We work with each patient to figure out the underlying cause of the problem and design a custom plan for each unique patient. Our comprehensive approach begins with the initial consultation. Then, we review your health history, goals, and common concerns.

At the top fertility clinic near Normal, IL, you can learn more about financing options. We know how difficult it can be to afford treatment if your insurance does not pay for it. From providing low-cost services to offering financing plans, we do everything possible to create the fertility treatment options near Normal, IL, that residents need.

At our treatment center, you can find options such as:

When you need high-quality fertility treatment options, Advanced Reproductive Center near Normal, IL, is here to help. We personalize our treatment plans and diagnostic tests so that you achieve a better chance of having a successful pregnancy. You can learn more about our convenient, cost-effective plans today when you contact Advanced Reproductive Center Peoria at [Direct].