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One of our most popular fertility treatment options is in vitro fertilization (IVF). Our IVF treatment center has one of the best pregnancy rates in the nation. With the best procedures and care, you can enjoy a better chance of getting pregnant.

What Happens at an IVF Treatment Center?

At the best IVF treatment center near Bloomington, IL, you can learn about the entire process. It starts with fertility medications that help your ovaries to release one or more eggs.

The doctor harvests the eggs from the ovaries. He or she mixes the egg with sperm to form embryos. Once the sperm fertilizes the eggs, the doctor waits three to five days for them to develop. Finally, the doctor places the embryos in the woman’s uterus.

Why Do People Use IVF?

IVF was developed to help couples deal with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes. While IVF initially treated tubal factor infertility, an IVF treatment center can use it for other problems as well. Today, it is the treatment option that has the highest success rate for women who struggle to conceive on their own.

IVF completely bypasses the fallopian tubes for implantation, which is why it is so effective for tubal factor infertility. Through the top IVF treatment center near Bloomington, IL, you can treat other infertility problems as well. The entire treatment process is quite complex, so it is essential to customize the procedure for each unique patient.

Advanced Reproductive Center has years of experience in creating individualized treatment protocols. Also, the IVF treatment center offers a money-back guarantee and flexible pricing. Staff members tailor each option to match the needs of the patient.

Today, Advanced Reproductive Center has one of the top pregnancy rates in the nation. We work to build a relationship with each patient, so you can enjoy having a supportive, caring environment. Through the in vitro fertilization treatment center, you can learn more about the different options you can use.

Discovering the Fertility Services You Need

Through the right IVF treatment center, you will find more than just IVF. Initially, your doctor will run diagnostic tests and take your medical history. Then, he or she will talk to you about the cause of your infertility. Once you know what the problem is, you can decide on the best solution.

While IVF may be the best option in some cases, the in vitro fertilization treatment center may recommend alternative treatment. In cases where the cause of infertility is unknown, the doctor may recommend fertility medication first. Meanwhile, other treatments like intrauterine insemination may work if you suffer from a blocked cervix or male factor infertility.

Once you realize that you are having problems with conceiving a baby, the next step is to find the right help. At the best IVF treatment center in the area, you can learn about services such as:

  • Fertility education and medication
  • PCOS treatment
  • Endometriosis treatment
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • Egg, sperm, and embryo freezing
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
  • Surgical treatments

You do not have to struggle with your infertility alone. Through the Advanced Reproductive Center, you can diagnose the cause of your infertility and find the best solution possible. Our compassionate, experienced team is here to help you get the medications, surgeries, and fertility counseling you need. To learn more about our unique options, contact Advanced Reproductive Center Peoria today at [Direct].