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Peoria – LGBTQ Fertility Options

Learning how to start a family does not have to be complicated. With the right LGBTQ fertility options, couples can achieve their dreams of having a family. At the right clinic, you can get help no matter what your gender identity, marital status, or sexual orientation are.

What Are LGBTQ Fertility Options?

With the best LGBTQ fertility options near Normal, IL, individuals can learn about the different ways they can start a family. Becoming a parent is a rewarding experience, and Advanced Reproductive Center offers various programs that can help. To achieve the best LGBTQ family planning near Normal, IL, Advanced Reproductive Center Peoria partners with donor egg agencies, sperm banks, and surrogacy agencies. As a result, you can enjoy a wide array of LGBTQ fertility options.

The most common LGBTQ fertility options near Normal, IL include egg donation services, sperm donation, and surrogacy. While women may require sperm donations to conceive, men may need to find a surrogate to carry their child during the pregnancy. Both options are possible through the right clinic.

Fertility Options for Women

At an LGBTQ-friendly fertility clinic, there are several options available for women. Lesbian couples and even single women can generally conceive using intrauterine insemination (IUI). Before IUI, the woman, or couple, choose the right donor. The clinic will also do a workup to determine what the woman’s chances of conceiving are.

Ultimately, the clinic’s goal is to make the chances of conceiving as high as possible, perhaps by using hormonal treatments or fertility medications. For some women, it may also involve in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Some lesbian couples prefer to share the different aspects of pregnancy. They may have one partner provide the eggs; the other carries the child. For this to work, the LGBTQ-friendly fertility clinic will use IVF to harvest, fertilize, and transfer the embryo.

Fertility Options for Men

For men, LGBTQ fertility options are a bit different. In this case, men will need to have a gestational surrogate carry the child during the pregnancy. Men will also need to choose an egg donor if they want to have a child. One of the benefits of having an egg donor is that the eggs will be from a young woman who underwent a full screening process for health problems.

Initially, men will look for an egg donor. Sometimes, the couple will use a family member. Next, the couple has to choose a gestational surrogate as a part of family planning.

Achieving Your Dreams of Having a Family

The right LGBTQ fertility options can help individuals and couples conceive a child. Everyone deserves the happiness and fulfillment that comes from having a family. At Advanced Reproductive Center, it is possible to find a way to start a family.

At our treatment center, you can find unique options such as:

If you want to fulfill your dream of starting a family, the Advanced Reproductive Center can help. We have an array of LGBTQ fertility ways to achieve your dreams of having a child. Discover more information about our unique options when you contact Advanced Reproductive Center Peoria today at [Direct].