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Rockford – Artificial Insemination Process

When a couple struggles with infertility, they are many factors for them to consider. Sometimes, the woman has a health-related issue, but other times, the man is the one with an infertility issue. In any case, Advanced Reproductive Center helps couples determine the problem and find an appropriate solution. For some couples, the artificial insemination process is the easiest fertility treatment option in Illinois to conceive and become pregnant.

What Is Artificial Insemination?

Artificial insemination is a process in which doctors place healthy sperm directly into a woman’s reproductive organs. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of artificial insemination. One of the most successful types is intrauterine insemination. During this insemination process, doctors place the sperm directly into the uterus for the highest chance of success.

Intrauterine insemination allows sperm to bypass the cervix. This makes it easier for sperm with low motility to reach the egg. However, the artificial insemination process Rockford, IL, uses doesn’t start with putting the sperm into the uterus. At Advanced Reproductive Center, we take steps before inserting the sperm to give couples the best chance of achieving pregnancy.

The Artificial Insemination Process


We start the insemination process with what we call “washing” the sperm. During this process, we isolate the highest concentration of motile sperm possible. Then, we place the collected sperm into a catheter.

Locating the sperm with the highest motility increases the success rate of the artificial insemination process. Along with bypassing the cervix, using only high-motility sperm further increases the chances of pregnancy.

With the high-motility sperm in the catheter, we thread the tube through the cervix. The goal is to deposit the sperm directly into the uterus. Doing so allows for a much more natural pregnancy compared to other options, such as in vitro fertilization.

Why Is Artificial Insemination So Effective?

It’s often difficult to understand why the artificial insemination process is so effective. After all, it still involves using a couple’s sperm and eggs. If that couple already has trouble conceiving, how does artificial insemination help?

To see why the artificial insemination process is so effective, people have to understand the problem with normal intercourse. During natural means of getting pregnant, there are many challenges. A large amount of sperm doesn’t make it through the cervix to the uterus. As a result, men who have a low sperm count or sperm with low motility might have trouble getting their partners pregnant.

This insemination process, however, bypasses the cervix to eliminate this problem. The result is that more sperm can reach the egg, increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Advanced Reproductive Center Offers Artificial Insemination

Are you looking for the artificial insemination process Rockford, IL, uses to start your family? If so, it’s time to seek treatment at Advanced Reproductive Center. We provide many options to help couples achieve their goal of starting families. Best of all, we try to make our infertility treatment options affordable for everyone.

Finding both female and male infertility treatment Arlington Heights, IL offers is a challenge sometimes. However, Advanced Reproductive Center offers fertility treatment options for both men and women. Doing so allows us to help as many couples as possible. A few of the services that we provide include:

Don’t let low sperm motility keep you from achieving pregnancy and having a family. Learn more about the artificial insemination process when you contact Advanced Reproductive Center Rockford. Talk to one of our friendly staff members today by calling 844.395.2807 to learn more about the artificial insemination process and our other treatment options in Illinois.