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Rockford – Egg Donation Process

For couples having trouble with fertility, egg and sperm donations are often your best bet at starting a family. Donating sperm is a common practice; however, the egg donation process is a bit more complicated.

The Egg Donation Process

For those looking to conceive with the help of a fertility clinic, it’s essential to know what egg donation is. In short, it’s a process in which fertile women donate eggs, which are fertilized and implanted in another woman. The goal of the egg donation process is to help women who have trouble conceiving because they lack eggs. While the process is more complex than it is for sperm donations, it’s typically safe for all parties.

The process starts with a doctor removing multiple eggs from the donor. After the egg removal, the doctor fertilizes the egg with sperm. Usually, the fertilization process uses sperm from a partner, but it’s also possible to use donor sperm.

With the egg fertilized, the doctor places it into the patient’s uterus. From there, the pregnancy continues as normal. This procedure typically results in a successful birth about 50% of the time. People can increase their chances of a successful birth when they visit a high-end fertility clinic like Advanced Reproductive Center Rockford.

How Many Times Can a Woman Donate?

There’s no legal limit on the egg donation process. However, some clinics, agencies, and cities restrict the number of eggs that women can donate. For example, the egg donation limit in Rockford, IL, is six.

This limit is in place for two main reasons. First, donating more than six times can put the donor’s health at risk. Second, the more that a woman donates, the more half-siblings that could result. If all of these donations occur in the same city, there’s a chance that these siblings could meet.

Make Egg Donation Easy

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Egg donation is the first step on your journey of starting a family. To learn more about the egg donation process at Advanced Reproductive Center Rockford, reach out to our friendly staff by calling 844.395.2807.